Welcome to a biking world where we provide all the information about bikes. Anything you are interested in, we can help you with. Our job is to engage even more people and offer them opportunities to develop as bike riders. Biking events are held regularly for everyone to participate in.


If it includes a bike, we do it. Our main job is selling bikes. We have professional, top quality bikes. For people who don't want to buy a bike, but still want to enjoy a nice, outdoor ride, we, also, provide with rent a bike service. Besides that, we organize biking events, bets for races and much more. Visit our partner www.mobilecasinomaster.o.uk if you want to place your bet today on daily races.


We know that many people, who don't own a bike, still love biking. Even if they do own it, it's not always possible to carry a bike around. That's why we offer a special service which is renting a bike. Enjoy your rides for a fair price and with great bikes.

bike hire


Biking is a great way to exercise, enjoy the outdoors and so on. You don't have to be a professional to own quality and long-lasting bikes. Our bike shop has a lot of models and offers all the help that you need when choosing a bike. We pour our heart into our workshop.