We are dedicated bike lovers, thus we provide other biking fans interesting and fun events, quality products and great service. We take care of our customers and make sure they come back. With the help of our events we, also, encourage people to take part in biking. It is a great activity that can benefit your help. Skyline Cycles exists since 2004 and we are located at the trail head of Afan forest park.


Our team is always trying to come up with something new. Every single person in our staff is professional and loves what they do. Thus, we manage to keep our customers happy and satisfied. If you are interested in buying a bike, you will get all the help and the advice you need. They will answer any of your questions regardless of all of our services. The friendly atmosphere is something we are especially proud of. In addition, if you are interested in information about bikes, we will gladly explain and educate you.


When it comes to our services and with what we can provide, our workshop covers different types of it. First of all, we have a bike shop, but that is not all. If you are interested in renting a bike, we do that, as well. Our domain is anything bike related. That includes a variety of events.

wall bike


The goal of events is to gather biking lovers, even professionals. They are a great way for everyone to show off their biking skills, as well to enjoy that time with others like them. Another purpose is to make an influence on young people when it comes to this sport. We are hoping that youth will get more engaged in biking and sharing its charms. Some events are competitive, some are not. Either way, everyone wins.