Something we take really serious is events. We believe they are a great way for popularizing and developing biking. A lot of riders gather on these events, where they compete and have fun. It isn't all about winning. It is about enjoying this activity. True bike lovers can understand that. Not all of the events are competitive, some are recreative. The goal is to engage others, especially youth. Biking has a past, a present, and we hope a bright future, as well. It should never be neglected since it's a great sport. Also, we are trying to influence as many people as possible to ride their bikes, instead of cars. This is something that should become a healthy habit for everyone. By riding bikes, you are doing so much for yourself and for the environment, too.


In competitive events, there are a variety of prizes for the winners. For achieving the best results, they get awarded. Anyone can participate in this kind of events. Usually, there are different categories, so it can be fair. If you are fulfilling the requirements, you can enter and show everyone how fast you are. Sometimes, there are special events that are organized for raising money or simply for learning more about bikes.


Not everybody likes to compete. While some love the tension, adrenaline and victory, others only want to ride bikes and enjoy themselves. Thus, we have events purely for fun and activity. It doesn't matter if you end first or last when the ride is over. The point is to learn to love biking for what it is - a relaxing activity. In these kind of events, there are usually no categories and requirements. Anyone can join. So, if you like biking and you think it will be even more interesting to bike with others, join us. Many people have met new friends through these events. When you share the same love for something, it can grow into something big, especially if it's good for you. There is no better way of connecting than through sports, in this case, cycling.