Rent a bike is a great service that many people use frequently. There are a lot of reasons this service is popular. First, not everyone owns a bike, but that doesn't mean they don't like biking. For some, storing a bike presents a problem, while others don't ride a bike that often, thus they see no need to own one. We, also, came across people who have bikes, but it's a bother to carry them around. There are beautiful places that are far away from many people, so they come with their cars, but they want to enjoy nature by biking. Because of all of the above, people are interested in renting a bike and the cost of it. So, let's talk about prices.


The price varies, depending on the time and a bike. Since we have different models, there are different prices. If you want to rent a professional bike, used in races, you can expect a higher price. When it comes to time, you can rent a bike for a few hours or a whole day. The usual price for renting a bike for a few hours is 25 pounds, while the cost for the whole day equals 50 pounds. These prices refer to regular bikes, which aren't used by racers or are a lower quality of a race bike. If you choose the newest and best bikes, 10 pounds is added on the regular price. We want to enhance the fact that even our lower quality bikes are still quite good and they will serve you well.


We don't offer rent service during the night. Since we have been asked this question, we would like to mention that, as well. Biking can be done during the day, from 6 am to 8 pm.

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