We have a solution for every problem your bike has. Since our workshop has everything it needs, we can fix almost everything about bikes. If you think it can be done, let us first check that. Try bullet journaling for beginners if you would like to save all the troubles you've had with your bike in one place. It's then easy to go back and see if there is problems that are coming back, year after year. Whatever it is, we try to fix your bike as soon as possible. When we are done with it, it will be like new. When it comes to our mechanics qualification, they have Cytech Levels 2 and 3. We can guarantee you good work, so let's talk about the prices of our services. 


Naturally, sometimes there are periods that are busier than others. While those busy periods, it's best to book in advance. That way you can be sure that everything will be done on time. However, if there is an emergency, we can try to fit you in and do our best. There is quite a number of possible repairs, but we will list the most common and frequent. Minor MOT service cost 20 pounds, Interim Service is 40 pounds, while the Full Service equals 80 pounds. Mech adjustment is 5 pounds, mech fitting costs 10 pounds and brake bleed is 15 pounds.